Cyber Security Solutions

Cybersecurity solutions are considered virtually indispensable to the security of organizations. By reflecting a deeper understanding of how the technology systems work, this essential service contributes to reducing the risks of exposure to future attacks, examines the cybersecurity situation and real-time potential problems, and identifies potential security vulnerabilities to ultimately fortify the organization against attempts to disrupt its digital processes.

To ensure a secure technical environment, we at CDN provide advanced comprehensive Cybersecurity Active Defense services that rely on constant monitoring and predictive analytics for detecting advanced threats and providing incident management activities.

Cybersecurity Operations

At CDN, we provide 24/7 managed cybersecurity services by monitoring, detecting and responding to cybersecurity threats to help our clients withstand advanced attacks, and to enhance their security posture.

Threat Intelligence

To maintain enterprise security, we provide our clients with cyber threat intelligence feeds and reports (operational, tactical, strategic) that are captured, correlated, and categorized from multiple sources targeting Critical National Infrastructures (CNIs). The reports also define the threat actors’ motives, objectives and capabilities, and identify the threat landscape of the region.

Operational Technology Security (OT)

We realize the essential need of OT security and provide our clients with exceptional visibility and actionable insights across all critical assets to fasten their defense response, reduced adversary dwell time, empower security teams and maximize the overall operational resilience.

We believe in the crucial role cybersecurity plays in the success of digital transformation programs and projects. Therefore, we at SITE contribute to increasing the capability of computer systems in the Kingdom’s public and private sectors by providing technology and consultation services to prevent and fend off cyberattacks.

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